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Are We Really Still Having This Conversation About PRP?  

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Are We Really Still Having This Conversation About PRP?

The answer is yes and for most part the reason why is simple. You are simply being told, or sold, the wrong information. While PRP is not new to medicine, the controversy around PRP is creating serious confusion for physicians and patients alike. Physicians are forced to rely on sales people to educate them on the science of PRP, and unfortunately the information is grossly misrepresented. This webinar is am amazing resource to stay current with the scientific literature that is helping to define and explore the efficacy of regenerative medicine.
Listen and learn from Dr. Peter Everts, PhD, PRP, known as the “Father of PRP, who has dedicated his career to the research, specifically the scientific study of autologous biologics. Dr. Everts shares the mic with Dr. Lisa Vuich, anti-aging and regenerative expert and founder of Renew MediSpa in Windham, NH, who has successfully implemented PRP in her clinical practice for years for sexual wellness, hair regrowth and facial aesthetics. Together they discuss the undisputed facts on the right calculations to end up with pure clinical PRP and how much PRP is necessary to establish angiogenesis and regeneration of cellular tissue.
The information presented will arm you with the expert knowledge necessary to make the best practice and clinical decisions, whether you are currently using regenerative therapies, or you are brand new to the experience.


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