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Specialty MED Training Network Membership
Share. Learn. Grow.

You might have noticed over the last year the evolution of our new brand, Specialty Med Training (SMT). It’s an exciting time for our company! Our growth has brought new clients, new trainers, new strategic partners and new business opportunities to further advance your regenerative practice.
“A Call for Standards” and “Peer to Peer” collaboration has been the heartbeat of SMT. Our focus is about you; to better serve your individual practice needs while helping you generate additional practice revenue using the latest regenerative therapy options for your patients.
This should not sound unfamiliar to those who have worked closely with us in the past. Our new mission is only a refined version of what we have always strived for: to provide an effective practice solution for practitioners to successfully implement regenerative therapies into practice and continually collaborate on best practice decisions – all the while leading the path towards evidence-based medicine.
The time to join is now. Specialty MED providers are leading the path towards evidence-based medicine and committed to educating practitioners on the science surrounding regenerative medicine – while promoting an ethical and responsible approach to new applications. 

Membership Privileges include:
• Physicians Fellowship- Collaboration Forum
• Continuing Education- Monthly Educational Webinars
• Opportunities to Participate in Research Studies
• Ongoing Training Discounts
• In-Service Clinical Support
• Exclusive Access to Online Training Videos
• Implementation Forms; Practice and Clinical
• Clinical and Office Staff Training
• Comprehensive Marketing-in-a-Box Tools
• Fully Customizable Patient Marketing Collateral
• International Society Memberships
• Annual Mastermind Summit

Vetted Equipment and Devices- Ensuring Your Success

One of the most important decisions you will make is investing in the right equipment and devices to use in your practice. The FDA approved devices we use in our combination protocols have proven to offer the absolute best treatment outcome for patients across our national network of physician practices.
We have vetted the leading system in autologous cellular biologics, pulse wave, RF vaginal rejuvenation, diagnostics, micro-needling and post procedure devices, products and compounded pharmacies.
Investing in your success is our business. Specialty MED’s clinical experts have flattened the learning curve, paving the way to your practice success.

World Class Marketing

You can learn how to treat patients with regenerative techniques, but how do you get patients through your door? Our marketing experts understand the challenges physicians face, so we built a proven successful marketing machine to help you seamlessly implement regenerative procedures into your practice.

Our customized programs include:
• Digital marketing
• Email campaigns
• Video, influential and social marketing
• Event / Seminar management
• Customized brochures
• Waiting room video
• PR/media relations
• Directory listings
• Annual marketing plan

Visit Specialty MED Training to apply for Network Membership:


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