Amiea Med- The EXCEED Device


(1) Pen
(1) Box of 8 cartridges
(1) Box of 8 sheaths
(1) Enhanced NEOcomplex Serum- 8 units
(25) Patient Brochures



The Amiea Med EXCEED does exactly what the name suggests: it exceeds all expectations and technology of every other microneedling device on the market today. Backed by a rigorous clinical study, it has been proven to significantly improve facial wrinkles, skin texture, and laxity with as few as four treatments.

With a unique, six-needle tilting plate and patented safety membrane for powerful and precise skin punctuation at 900 punctures per second, the EXCEED high-end needle cartridge delivers outstanding results in safety and beauty.

Patented, sterile, single-use cartridges adapt perfectly to the skin’s surface and safely facilitate access to difficult areas for powerful, precise skin punctuation.

Forceful, yet gentle entry of the high-quality amiea med EXCEED cartridge needle plate causes no sagging on the skin and helps increase penetration to target treatment areas and optimize results. The needles perforate the skin for only an instant, as the epidermis in between the puncture remains unharmed.

The amiea med EXCEED’s superior speed and precision surpass other microneedling devices.

  • FDA-cleared medical device Class II
  • CE-marked European Medical Certification
  • CE 0123 for acne scar treatment
  • Clinically Proven to be tightly safe and effective
  • ISO 13485 complaint quality management system
  • Premier Ferman engineering

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Weight 288 oz

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