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BioPro+ Corti-Sleep

BioPro+ CortiSleep PM promotes deep sleep patterns, lowers stress levels.

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Achieving restful, deep sleep patterns, or REM, is key for regenerating and rebuilding body tissues, and vital to a successful anti-aging program. Hormonal secretion peaks in production about two hours into REM sleep, lowering muscle degrading stress hormones like cortisol, and raising muscle building and fat burning hormones like IGF-1, GH and testosterone.

CortiSleep PM is a powerful, stress reducing, night-time formula designed to combat poor and inadequate sleep by promoting a proper deep and restorative sleep cycle, REM. CortiSleep PM provides a 100% safe, non-synthetic, and non-habit forming formula that delivers a better quality sleep from the first night you use it and each night thereafter. CortiSleep PM contains highly effective, natural ingredients that promote a deep and restful night of sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed, clear, and ready for the day without the harmful long term side effects of common sleep medications.

• Promotion of deep sleep patterns
• Reduced Cortisol and stress levels
• Promotion of fat loss
• Enhanced Mood, Clarity, and Cognition
• Daytime Energy
• Increases HGH Secretion
• Accelerated Recovery

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