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Bone Marrow Concentrating System 120mL

Bone Marrow Concentrating System 120mL version 544E. Two 60mL Concentrating Devices. Process at 5 minutes and 4400 RPMs in the Executive Series Centrifuge II

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The New Bone Marrow Concentrating System version 544E is finally here! Take advantage of the many beneficial upgrades designed to improve safety, sterility, performance and handling.

  1. Processing time is cut in half. Process at only 5 minutes at 4400 RPMs in the Executive Series Centrifuge II and get better concentrations in a larger volume of BMC (14mL of BMC from 120mL of BMA).
  2. Swabbable self sealing side port. This feature eliminates the handling of cumbersome port caps. The device is maintained in a closed and sterile environment during all steps of processing. Sterility is never compromised.
  3. No more bucket caps. The swabbable self sealing side port eliminates the need for bucket caps. Simply swab with sterile alcohol before and after accessing the port and aerosolization is completely eliminated.
  4. Conical aspiration disc. The new aspirating disc has been upgraded from concave aspiration to conical aspiration. This simple feature improves the isolation of the cell buffycoat from the red blood cells.
Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 4 in


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