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Cacao Fruit Extract

Single bottle of 120 capsules with 750mg per capsule

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What is Cacao?
It is the football-sized fruit of the cacao tree which grows in the tropics.
It is the source of chocolate, which comes from the seeds called cocoa beans.
A large volume of scientific studies has shown that cacao is a real superfood, full of healthy antioxidants and nutrients, with many anti-inflammatory properties.
Many of the studies have challenged producers to find ways to take advantage of the  pulp and peel, where many phytonutrients are concentrated, and not just exploit the beans.

Why is Cacao good for you?
Abundant research shows benefits of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatoryflavonoids in cacao, which
-Boost your immune system
-Reduce chronic inflammation
-Improve blood flow in your circulatory system
-Help shield your cells from aging
-Improve good cholesterol levels
-Reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and stroke

It Really Works!
(Testimonials from actual users)

About five weeks ago I started using Coco fruit extract. In about a week I noticed a significant reduction in the pain. I had to wait about a week to replenish my supply. I didn’t realize how effective it was in reducing the pain in my neck until after stopped using it for a week. Bob Cool, FL
I used the powder just last month to alleviate tendonitis in my right foot. The pain got so intense, I could not walk. After only 4 days of taking the powder… the swelling in my foot was nearly eliminated. I went from using a walker to getting around on my own. Happy to say no more pain. Jay Nudelman, insurance producer, Boynton Beach, FL.
I injured my foot and the pain and swelling was so great, that I couldn’t get a shoe on! I took this product and pretty much immediately, the swelling and the pain was gone! I can’t say enough about this product and how fast it worked!!! I highly recommend this to anyone!  Nikki Vonkuenheim, Realtor, Weston/Fort Lauderdale area
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