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Derma T Tropin

Works to significantly improve skin tone & texture.


Derma T Tropin contains just 6 INGREDIENTS, and works not only to increase the appearance of the skin, but to stimulate skin repair. While other products temporarily fill out wrinkles and plump the skin, Derma T Tropin’s carrier oils draw active ingredients deep into the skin to regenerate and repair damage.

Ingredients include:

VELVET ANTLER – This key ingredient has been demonstrated to increase the expression of growth factors like IGF-1, transforming growth factor-, and epidermal growth factor and stimulate the repair of damaged skin. Velvet antler also increases fibroblast activity and the production of collagen and elastin, making it an effective anti-aging method. It can maintain skin texture, strength, and elasticity, therefore resisting wrinkle formation.

EMU OIL – Emu oil has long been used to rejuvenate aged and damaged skin. This impressive substance has long been used in Aboriginal culture to rejuvenate aged and damaged skin. Emu oil contains antioxidants and building blocks that the skin needs to make repairs. Additionally, its transdermal properties are unmatched, making it an extremely effective carrier oil.

JOJOBA OIL – Replenishes the moisture that is stripped away from the skin by chemicals and the atmosphere and protects it from further damage. Jojoba oil can reduce wrinkles, treat acne, fade scars, and provide a healthy glow. It has also been demonstrated to stimulate collagen synthesis and also acts as a carrier.

LAVENDER – This essential oil is used as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. It is effective for topical use on burns and bug bites. Lavender oil has also been demonstrated to increase the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress.

Weight 32 oz


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