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Elastic Eraser

Instantly erases wrinkles


Elastic Eraser (1 x 15ml) is a cosmetic filler bubble gel providing an instant solution for the elimination of wrinkles. Silicates form an adhesive and flexible film that temporarily eliminates wrinkles while peptides reduce the activity of neurons that contract muscles. It is also used for its fresh texture and its effectiveness is a must-have to always carry in the beauty case and handbag. Tap a small amount on the face for an invigorating boost or when the skin is particularly tired or thirsty for a beauty shot. In addition to using it before the moisturizer, it is also perfect over make-up, for a lifting and refreshing touch-up at any time of the day.

  • Easy to apply
  • Effects are visible within 5 minutes of the application
  • It lasts until the area is washed
  • Main ingredient: FILLING SILICATE
Weight 96 oz


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