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GS30-Pure II

The PurePRP® 30mL System. Containing the GenesisCS Concentrating Device with the Concentrating Accessory. Improved processing and handling is accomplished with better accessories.

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The PurePRP® 30mL Concentrating System is fast and versatile. The system is developed to provide High Volume PRP (12-19mL) containing just over 5 billion platelets in the treatment sample, all in just 1 minute of processing. They system can also provide 3-5mL of of PurePRP® containing 5 billion platelets in a treatment sample, in 6 minutes. The system also contains all of the enhanced features designed to improve safety, sterility and performance handling we’ve come to expect in a PurePRP® System.

  1. Improved Concentrating Accessory. The new concentrating accessory is simplified. One vertical side port is used to fill and aspirate plasma and the pure cell concentrates. Simply tilt instead of invert to aspirate the pure cell concentrates.
  2. Swabbable self sealing port. This feature eliminates the handling of cumbersome port caps. The devices are maintained in a closed and sterile environment during all steps of processing. Sterility is never compromised.
  3. No more bucket caps. The swabbable self sealing side port eliminates the need for bucket caps. Simply swab with sterile alcohol before and after accessing the port and aerosolization is completely eliminated.
  4. Conical aspiration disc. The concentrating device has an aspirating disc has been upgraded from concave aspiration to conical aspiration. This simple feature improves the isolation of the cell buffycoat from the red blood cells.
  5. Clinical Benefits. The PurePRP® is pH balanced, high yielding platelet rich plasma treatment sample with low concentrations of red blood cells and inflammatory granulocytes. PurePRP® is a state-of-the-art premium concentrating system, that provide viable platelets and growth factor concentrates of up to 5 times baseline in 4mL of PurePRP®. Additionally, PurePRP® has the viscosity of plasma, allowing it to be easily applied to the treatment site with the use of small gauge needles. PurePRP® is independently reviewed and proven to be the best performing PRP system available, when compared to the other leading brands.
Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in


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