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GS60-SP PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic Concentrating System 60mL

PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic is one of the few systems available that can provide C-PRP. It provides upwards of 9 – 23 billion platelets in a 7mL sample of PRP, depending on the patient’s baseline level of platelets. It is a clinical marvel with processing power that’s not duplicated anywhere. It provides the world’s most abundant concentration of deliverable regenerative platelets and growth factors at the point of care. It also simultaneously removes the inflammatory contaminants found in most PRP products. This carefully orchestrated task yields PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic, the clear leader in PRP concentrating systems.

GS60-SP Kit Includes: (everything you need) 2-60mL Syringe, 1-30mL Syringe, 1-12mL Syringe, 1-Concentrating Device 60mL, 1-Concentrating Accessory, Blood Draw Accessory, Sterile Drape, Citrate Anticoagulant 20mL, Alcohol Prep Pads

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PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic is a clinical innovative phenomenon, that has unmatched processing power and versatility. It has distinct features that make it the world’s leading PRP system. It provides the most abundant concentration of clinical PRP with deliverable platelet counts of 9 – 23 billion platelets in a 7mL sample (depending on the patients’ baseline). It is the only PRP system uniquely capable of preparing high dose clinical PRP without inflammatory red blood cells. Its versatility allows users to select high or low granulocyte concentrations depending on the clinical requirement. Most importantly, it’s the only point of care PRP system that does not create a diabetic hyperglycemic state at the application site, a condition that impedes tissue regeneration and promotes the glycation degradation of cartilage and other cell types. It is the reason why most regenerative practitioners choose EmCytes’ PurePRP® products for their patients.

  1. THE DELIVERABLES. Deliverable platelets are the actual volume of viable platelets contained in a platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment sample.  PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic provide between 7 and 21 billion platelets in a 7mL treatment sample, however the typical deliverables for patients with normal platelet counts are around 9 billion platelets.  This is up to 2 billion higher than the minimum required treatment amount.  High volumes of deliverable platelets enhances the volumetric activity of platelet growth factors and cytokines.  Platelet alpha granules contain various platelet growth factors that can promote tissue repair along with platelet cytokines that can provide the chemical stimulus needed to attract and direct regenerative cells to injured tissue.  Deliverable platelet count is the most important measure of the power of the PRP biologic.
  2. ANTIMICROBIAL INFLAMMATORY. Neutrophils are the most abundant of all leukocytes and first to migrate towards a site of injury or infection in a process is called chemotaxis. They are known to cause acute inflammation at the injury site as an aggressive response to chemical signals from cytokines. The primary antimicrobial function of the neutrophil is to engulf and destroy foreign material through phagocytosis. Under normal circumstances, neutrophils are short lived (1-2 days) and are cleared by tissue macrophages. In conditions where the neutrophils cannot be cleared, they undergo a process called necrosis resulting in the release of all of the intracellular contents. This causes the amplification and prolonging of the inflammatory response, which is of significant concern to practitioners.
  3. ANTIMICROBIAL NON-INFLAMMATORY. Monocytes are the largest of all leukocytes and are abundantly non-inflammatory phagocytic cells better referred to as classical monocytes.  They comprise about 80–95% of circulating monocytes and are known to be important scavenger cells. Monocytes migrate to sites of injury and infection and differentiate into macrophages and dendritic cells to elicit an immune response which last for longer periods of time when compared to neutrophils. Monocytes illicit the immune response through phagocytosis, antigen presentation, and cytokine production each of which has a specific and deliberate function in enhancing the immune response through both protective prophylaxis and active phagocytosis. Monocytes also participate in many other processes such as homeostasis, tissue repair, microbial resistance and maintenance of tissue integrity.
  4. ANTIMICROBIAL VERSATILITY. PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic is unique in that it greatly enhances monocyte concentrations, while giving the end user control over the neutrophil content.  Practitioners require this type of versatility in their PRP device because different wounds require different antimicrobial formulations.  More specifically, infected wounds may benefit from the antimicrobial power of both high neutrophil and high monocyte biologic, but joint injections may benefit from the non-inflammatory antimicrobial response of monocytes without the acute inflammatory boost of neutrophils. Practitioners ultimately decide what is needed for their patients, but they appreciate the versatility offered by PurePRP SupraPhysiologic Concentrating System, another differentiating feature that help to explain its natural success.


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