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Nucleorich PL System

Lifting Biorestructurant Hydrating System


Nucleorich PL System is a real skin treatment program.

The first anti-aging treatment that is based on Polynucleotides of natural origin and Polylactic Acid. The purpose is to increase the stimulating effect at the receptor level and at the same time give a lifting effect on the tissue.

Nucleorich PL System can be applied using either the dermapen or a derma roller. The intensity of the treatment, the depth of the needles, must be calibrated according to the type of skin and the characteristics of the patient.


The box contains 3 different products that can reprogram the cell cycle and restore volumes resulting in a “Molecular lifting”

    • Nucleorich Powder 50 mg of micronized Polylactic Acid powder
    • Nucleorich Polynucleotides :3 ml solution of Polynucleotides, Hyaluronic Acid and Glutathione
    • Nucleorich Yal: Hyaluronic Acid solution


    • Very damaged and wrinkled skin
    • Thin damaged skin
    • Think skin slightly damaged
    • Slightly damaged young skin

Each box contains: Nucleorich Yal 1x5ml, Nucleorich Polynucleotides 1x3ml, Nucleorich Powder 1x50mg. One box allows to complete for a protocol for up to 8 applications.



Weight 96 oz


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