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V Zone (Eyes System)

The cosmetic blepharoplasty



The V Zone Eyes System is an advanced cosmetic system that effectively addresses eye wrinkles, eye contour, dark circles, edema, eye bags, aging, eyebrows and eyelashes (longer and fuller looking).  It is a unique treatment designed to improve the well-being of the periocular tissues and formulated to give an immediate feeling of well-being by illuminating the eyes from the first application. This system is suitable for a minimum of 30 applications and includes:

  • Gel Instant Net (2 spheres of 10ml)
  • Eyes Serum (2 droppers of 6.5ml)
  • Lashes Gel (2 vials of 6.5ml)

Also referred to as the cosmetic blepharoplasty, V Zone:

  • A complete treatment for all periocular areas
  • Main ingredients: Polynucleotides – Butchers Broom and Blueberry – Short chain Phosphatidicoline
  • V Zone Eyelashes Gel contains Keratin
  • No downtime

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Weight 96 oz


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