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ZK Face

Three-phase solution for skin regeneration.


ZK Face is the first exfoliant with 3 different structures of Hyaluronic Acid to rebuild the skin. A completely new exfoliation concept with hydration, protection, and revitalization of all skin layers. Different results based on different application times: 3 minutes for a soft effect, up to 10 minutes for a dipper one.


Each ZK Face Vial has 3 immiscible phases

  • Transparent oily liquid phase: Low molecular weight HA, mint and lemon essential oils
  • Opalescent intra-gel phase: High molecular weight HA
  • Silky aqueous liquid phase: Succinic MCA , Pyruvic, Lactic and Malic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Probiotic,


  • Restore firmness and elasticity to aged skin
  • Improve overall texture for healthy- looking skin
  • Improve the appearance of acneic and comedonic skin
  • Improve wrinkles
  • Optimize skin complexion and reduces the appearance of discoloration

Each box contains: 14 vials, 2 x 3ml. Up to 28 treatments per a box.

Weight 96 oz