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Recover Your Roots: Clinical Protocols for Cellular Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth

Recover Your Roots
Clinical Protocols for Cellular Hair Regrowth
Platelet Rich Plasma, Peptides, Nutraceuticals and MORE 

Specialty MED Training hosted a dynamic discussion with experts Ryan Smith, VP at Tailor Made Pharmacy, Dr. Melissa Anzelone, Director of Clinical Education at Nutrafol, and Tamilyn Banno, Clinical Director for PRP Science who lead a recent IPS hair study with Tailor Made for the Specialty MED Network of regenerative physicians.
Ryan Smith shared his insight into the science behind the peptides used for hair regrowth and his opinion on the benefits of adding them in combination with PRP and other regenerative treatments. Tamilyn Banno shared the latest hair regrowth results from a recent IRB study using PRP and Peptides. Dr. Anzelone explained how Nutrafol, a multi-targeted hair loss nutraceutical, is enhancing the outcomes for both male and female patients.
The interactive discussion includes insight into newer therapies on the horizon including home hair regrowth products! Watch the webinar recording here.


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